Tutor Code of Conduct

Virtual Tutoring Guidelines


The following are guidelines for maintaining professionalism as a tutor for TechTutors. While you will not be formally affiliated with Michigan Tech or the Pavlis Honors College in your role as a volunteer tutor, you will still be representing the university and its values. 


  1. Be professional and courteous 

  • Conduct tutoring sessions in a quiet environment and give your student your full attention during the session.

  • If any conflicts come up with your session time, make sure to contact your student and family as soon as possible to reschedule.

  • Feel free to use humor to connect with students, but ensure that your language and conduct is age-appropriate. 

  2. Maintain a respectful environment in the tutoring session

  • Review the “Rules and Expectations” document for students to familiarize yourself with expectations for students’ behavior during tutoring sessions.

  • If you need to set boundaries during a session, make sure to provide clear directions to your student.

  • In order to ensure that this is a great learning environment for everyone, you may operate on a three-strikes basis (provide two warnings if your student is not cooperating or is not following rules and expectations); if students are not cooperating after two warnings, you may end the session.

  • If you experience issues in your sessions, do not hesitate to immediately contact one of the program organizers with your concerns. 


  3. Program organizers reserve the right to decline a tutor or student/family the right to participate in the         program if there are any worries about suitability for participation or if guidelines for conduct are not met.

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