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Student Rules & Expectations

Virtual Tutoring: Rules and Expectations for Students


On-line learning is new for most of us. So to help all of us, it is important to know there will still be rules to follow when attending virtual meetings. Following these rules will help all of us learn and stay safe.

Absence Policy: Tutoring appointments are limited in capacity and high in demand. We ask that you give us a 1 hour notice before canceling a session. If you miss two sessions without giving a 1 hour notice, we will have to give your appointment slot to another student in need of tutoring.

Zoom Session Rules:

  1. All school rules apply.

  • This means that anything in the handbook still stands, including dress code. Make sure that your clothes are school appropriate. 

  • No bullying! We have a no tolerance policy, and that goes for online too!

  • Language should be appropriate to a school setting.

  • You may change your background in Zoom, but please make sure you are using pictures that are school appropriate and you aren't using pictures of people. 

  2. While you are in a 1-1 tutoring session:

  • Come prepared for your session (have any homework, books, paper, pencils etc. that you need available and ready).

  • Listen to your tutor and any instructions they give you.

  • Once your session ends, thank your tutor for their time!


  3. Three strikes and you are out. 

  • We want this to be a great learning environment for everyone. If you break the rules, we will give you 2 warnings. On the third time, we will exit you from the meeting. 


  4. Sessions may be recorded for training or educational purposes. 

  • Recordings will only be available to the tutor, the student and his/her parent(s) and school administration upon request.

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