Meet the Tutors

Lydia Savatsky


Major: Mathematics with Business Analytics Concentration

Year: Fourth

Hi, I'm Lydia! Some of my hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, and snowshoeing! I actually teach snowboarding at Mont Ripley! :) My favorite subject is math because I love solving complex problems and finding patterns within a solution. I enjoy tutoring because it is really fulfilling to see students engaged and excited to learn. I especially love when students gain confidence in their abilities!

Tessa Mlinar

Vice President

Major: Biological Sciences with Biochemistry Minor

Year: Fourth

Hi, I'm Tessa! I am currently a fourth year biological sciences student working towards attending medical school after graduation. I began tutoring because I want to make learning fun for students and encourage them to try their best in school. Outside of school and tutoring, I enjoy biking, hula hooping, and spending time with friends!

Zoe Reep

Director of K-12 Outreach

Major: Mathematics and Psychology

Year: Third

Hi, I'm Zoe! I am a third year student at Michigan Tech. I originally came to Tech to be an engineer, but over time realized that I desire to teach kids and encourage them to be curious, confident, and creative more than anything. Now I am a Mathematics and Psychology double major with the goal of taking some sort of path into education. I have been running cross country for Michigan Tech for the past couple years, but I also enjoy hiking, biking, backpacking, geocaching, and just being outside! I have a terrible addiction to jigsaw puzzles (I can work on them for hours!) and I love cooking!

Mitchell Connon

Director of Volunteer Recruitment

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: Third

Hi I’m Mitchell Connon and I love Biology, Math and Skiing.

Kaylee Meyers

Director of Media

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: Fourth

Hi, I'm Kaylee! I love any outdoor activities such as trail running, cross country skiing, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, etc. After graduation, I want to go to graduate school so I can get a PhD in biomedical engineering to work on biomaterials related research and teach as a university professor.

Alayna Starll


Major: Biomedical Engineering with an Electrical Engineering Minor

Year: Second

Hi I'm Alayna! I am a second year student at Michigan Tech. My favorite subject is math because I love the process of breaking down huge problems into smaller easier to solve problems! Although math is pretty fun, I love to spend time with my friends, bake delicious deserts, and be outdoors! I have been tutoring students for the past five years and it still amazes me to see the joy and excitement when an idea/topic finally clicks in their head.

Sarah Anderson


Major: Accounting and Finance with Economics and Data Analytics

Year: Fourth

Hi, I'm Sarah! I am a fourth year Accounting student with plans to start studying for the CPA exams next year. I decided to become a tutor because I believe that a quality education is one of the most important thing in a person's life, and I enjoy helping kids learn that school can be fun! Outside of school and extracurriculars, I enjoy spending my free time exploring the Keweenaw by going on hikes, biking, and watching the sunset with friends!

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